J. Howard Creekmore Professor of Finance
Jones Graduate School of Business

Professor of Economics
School of Social Sciences

I teach asset pricing theory and python for business research to PhD students in the Jones School and the Department of Economics, data-driven investments to MBA students in the Jones School, and data-driven finance to students in the Masters of Data Science program in the Department of Computer Science. Before joining Rice, I served on the faculties of Northwestern University, Indiana University, Washington University in St. Louis, and Texas A&M University. I served as Senior Associate Dean at the Olin School at Washington University in St. Louis. I am currently an associate editor of the Journal of Finance, and I’m a former editor of the Review of Financial Studies, a former editor of Finance & Stochastics, and a former associate editor of various other academic journals in economics and finance. I’ve written two textbooks and numerous articles in the leading finance and economics journals.

I have served as the Finance Ph.D. Coordinator for the Jones School since 2009. Currently, I am also the Finance Group Coordinator. Recently, I’ve been doing research on disclosure policies, optimal contracting, security market design, and information asymmetry in option markets and advising several strong Ph.D. students. In addition, with Kevin Crotty, I’ve developed an interactive website for teaching investments : learn-investments.rice-business.org.